Why MediFlex?

customer service

Our company prides itself on the level of service and support offered to our valued clients. As a standard offering, phone support is available 24/7. We do not assign tickets or job numbers and place you in a queue. We deal with issues as and when they arise. The vast majority of our support questions are answered and resolved during the initial phone call. We understand the inconvenience of issues preventing you from “getting on with the job”, and so customer support is our highest priority.

user friendly

MediFlex is ranked as one of the most user-friendly products of its type on the market. Over the years we have had the opportunity to meet with members of staff who have used competitors products in their previous employ. Unanimously they state that MediFlex requires far less keystrokes or mouse clicks to achieve any given task. This adds up to improved staff productivity and a shorter learning curve.

software updates

In line with fact that the IT industry and the business world are moving faster all the time, so it follows that software products like MediFlex must do the same.
On average we publish at least one major update per annum, and a number of Service Packs (minor updates) to address minor issues and add yet more functionality within each of the major updates.  We will also immediately release Service Packs to fix any reported issues having a major effect on performance. No need to wait years for a much-needed feature!

34 years experience

In 1982, MediFlex began as a custom-written program to suit the billing needs of an entrepreneurial medical professional.  It soon grew by word-of-mouth into a fully functional Practice Management System. Our company has been developing and enhancing MediFlex ever since. All these years of direct involvement with the Medical Profession have given us the opportunity to continually streamline and enhance the functionality of MediFlex to its current state. We are proud to state that MediFlex will never be finished. Technology in particular continues to drive progress and innovation in this market, and we will continue to move with it.

state of the art software

We are constantly enhancing MediFlex to meed the demands and opportunities offered by new technology, Medicare offerings and advances in software capabilities. The rate at which we publish major new versions and minor revisions in the form of Service Packs is far in excess of any competitive product.

adhesive labels

Adhesive Labels still form a useful adjunct to a Practice Management product. Although we are all striving for the elusive “paperless” office, there are situations where something tangible like a label provides a useful benefit. MediFlex supports the printing of a variety of adhesive labels for appointment confirmations, specimen and document identification and addressing of correspondence.  We noted early that the cost of these labels was (and still is) unnecessarily expensive. We have sourced a reliable, cost-effective supply of labels that are fully guaranteed to be compatible with most thermal label printing devices such as Dymo and Brother.  Existing MediFlex clients can place a labels order through the Help menu of MediFlex.