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Testimonials - volunteered by satisfied MediFlex clients:

"We have used the DOS version of MediFlex ... since 1993. In the nine years since then, we have never regretted the decision to go with MediFlex in preference to the several other competing systems we evaluated at the time. In particular, the backup service has been superb. We have always been able to easily contact the KSoft staff and get problems fixed. It is so different to the computerised answering systems and long waits on hold that are so much a part of service support systems these days. The MediFlex system has proven itself to be robust and we have never had an instance of data loss. Visual MediFlex [MediFlex for Windows] is superb to use. Obviously a lot of work has gone into this version and we feel the staff at KSoft deserve praise for their effort in producing this excellent update."
Dr Frank Reynolds, Upper Burnie Medical Practice
199 Mount Street, Upper Burnie, Tas 7320
Ph: (03) 6431 7708

"The support from the KSoft team is very good. Phil Kirby himself has taught the staff before the initial DOS version was started, and before the Windows upgrade. If there have been hiccups, which are rare, we have been able to immediately access effective help. A Practice Manager from elsewhere told me how one night she was burning the midnight oil and found a [MediFlex] problem. She rang the KSoft number to leave a message, found Phil still there, and had the problem sorted out. The only weak point of Mediflex is their commercial invisibility. I feel sorry more doctors have not heard of them. They do provide a complete list of [their installed] practices, which is a very confident marketing move. It would be a disaster for most other systems, I believe. To anyone interested in a system I would highly recommend ringing any on their list."
Dr Simon Holliday
11 East Lansdowne Road, Lansdowne NSW 2430
Ph: (02) 6556 7263

"I want you to know how happy we have been with the decision to introduce MediFlex into the life of our surgery. The whole process has been a smooth changeover operation. We have felt very comfortable in consulting your back-up support service; it has been most reassuring to have that available at all times. Your ability to meet the needs of our practice is much appreciated, as is the professional manner in which all of your business is conducted."
Jean Di Stefano, Practice Manager
Leopold Medical Centre, 1 Lawrence St, Leopold Vic 3224
Ph: (03) 5250 2101

"[We] have been using the MediFlex system for some thirteen years. The practice is dermatological with three specialists, two radiographers, seven nurses and five people in administrative support serving some 45,000 active patients. I have found the software logically structured, intuitive in operation, and mobility through the software to various functions to be simple and direct. In such a busy practice, downtime is a major concern. With MediFlex this has been minimal. When problems have occurred the backup support received has been exceptional. I have also been very impressed by MediFlex's interest in continually expanding the capability of the program to meet the increasingly complex requirements of an evolving practice. An instance of this is the forthcoming introduction of MediFlex Clinical which promises to be an excellent addition to the software."
Sylvia Bates,
Practice Manager
Ph (03) 5221 5203

"Thank you very much for coming back to Bendigo to sort out my computer problems. In my experience, the after sales service from computer firms is usually such that they are heard but never seen when problems arise. In this case your efforts were exemplarily and you did what you always said you would do which was to back your product with prompt after sales service and satisfaction."
Dr Mark Jalland
34 Rowan Street, Bendigo Vic 3550
Ph: (03) 5443 3488

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