MediFlex Clinical

‘MediFlex Clinical’ is a comprehensive clinical management program, which is suitable for both General Practitioners and Specialists. The program is currently under development, but it is fully functional, and it is being used in 15 sites in Victoria.

‘MediFlex Clinical’ integrates seamlessly with ‘Visual MediFlex’; it is potentially compatible with alternative practice management software.

The key features of ‘MediFlex Clinical’ are:

  • Intuitive to use, reflecting consultation and practice activities
  • Impressive performance – fast and stable
  • Incorporates a unique ‘tracking system’ that ensures that all investigations, documents, and recalls are followed through to completion of appropriate actions.
  • Uses the ‘MIMS’ database for medication management and interaction checking
  • Uses ‘ICPC-2 PLUS’ for automatic classification and coding of clinical data
  • Multiple levels of data security
  • Supports voice recognition software
  • SQL database and high-end servers not required
  • No pharmaceutical advertising
  • Support includes onsite training and 24/7 service.

‘Work in progress’ includes decision support tools, and a tool for converting data from other clinical management programs.