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MediFlex Practice Management System

We are proud to announce the availability of MediFlex for Windows, following on from the success of our long-established DOS and Unix based products. MediFlex for Windows incorporates all the functionality and intuitive behavior of our previous versions, along with the benefits of a GUI interface and tighter integration with other Windows products, such as Microsoft Word, etc.

Basic features bundled into the standard product include :-

  • Powerful & flexible Appointments Scheduler & Diary
  • Waiting List
  • Private, Medicare, Workcover and other 3rd party billing
  • HIC Online
  • Direct link (with merge) to Microsoft Word for letters, etc
  • Multi-doctor, multi-company banking
  • Adhesive Labels - multiple formats
  • Plain paper accounts and receipts (A5 or A4)
  • Medicare PC1 Claim form printing (on HIC stationery or plain paper)
  • Monitoring of Medicare & Health Care card expiry dates
  • Electronic update of HIC & Other Fees
  • Links to third-party Clinical Management packages
  • Research and Recall modules
  • Flexible security access controls
  • Runs under Win2000 or WinXP(Pro)

MediFlex Clinical

‘MediFlex Clinical’ is a comprehensive clinical management program, which is suitable for both General Practitioners and Specialists. The program is currently under development, but it is fully functional, and it is being used in 15 sites in Victoria .

‘MediFlex Clinical’ integrates seamlessly with ‘Visual MediFlex’; it is potentially compatible with alternative practice management software.

The key features of ‘MediFlex Clinical’ are:

  • Intuitive to use, reflecting consultation and practice activities
  • Impressive performance – fast and stable
  • Incorporates a unique ‘tracking system’ that ensures that all investigations, documents, and recalls are followed through to completion of appropriate actions.
  • Uses the ‘MIMS’ database for medication management and interaction checking
  • Uses ‘ICPC-2 PLUS’ for automatic classification and coding of clinical data
  • Multiple levels of data security
  • Supports voice recognition software
  • SQL database and high-end servers not required
  • No pharmaceutical advertising
  • Support includes onsite training and 24/7 service.

‘Work in progress’ includes decision support tools, and a tool for converting data from other clinical management programs.

*New* The Accreditation Assistant

The Problem

The quality and accreditation process has attracted much ongoing criticism from practitioners and their staff at grass roots level, due to the accompanying burden of systems, procedures and especially overwhelming documentation, all of which require much time consuming effort and difficulty in administration across multiple tiers of responsibility at all staff levels. Now a full audit trail for all quality, safety and accreditation management and documentation can be painlessly and easily maintained.

The Solution

We have developed what we believe is a unique contribution to quality practice management in the form of a stand-alone software program known as the “Accreditation Assistant”, a compact yet powerful management and accreditation tool. Much effort has been expended in on-site development resulting in a very simple and user-friendly interface written specifically to solve the problems encountered on the ground in a real general practice environment.

We believe this software fills a gaping hole in the vital area of good practice management (safety for practice and patients, quality and accreditation) and allows a previously unknown level of control and administration using the full power of today’s IT/IM resources to ease the ever-increasing burden of compliance.

Click here to download a fully-functional evaluation copy.

Dymo LabelWriter Adhesive Address Labels

We have sourced a quality supply of these 89 x 28mm labels significantly cheaper than anywhere else in Australia. As a comparison, OfficeWorks charge about $12.50 (inc GST) per roll if you buy six rolls, BUT each roll contains only 130 labels. LabelCity charge $11.80 per roll (inc GST) for a box of 10 rolls, BUT each roll contains 260 labels. Our price ... a mere $12.10 per roll (inc GST) in boxes of 10 rolls, and you get 350 labels per roll. Order 3 boxes or more, and we pay the freight. What a bargain !!!!! Give us a call or use our Contact page to place your order.

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