1. Does MediFlex provide Prescription writing facilities?
  2. What types of billing are supported?
  3. How is the product costed?
  4. Who is using MediFlex in my region?
  5. What type of equipment is required to run MediFlex?
  6. Why don’t you supply hardware?
  7. What guarantees do you offer

Q. Does MediFlex provide Prescription writing facilities?

A. Yes, and much more. Our own fully-integrated clinical module is now available,
and prescribing is via the authoritative MIMS drug data. We also provide a link to
Best Practice, Audit4  and Medical Director.

Q. What types of billing are supported?

A. Private, Hospital, Medicare, Veterans Affairs, Workcover and T.A.C.

Q. How is the product costed?

A. Licensing fees for MediFlex are based on the number of workstations
that require concurrent access to the software. There is no limit to the number of
practitioners that can be supported on the one system, and no charges apply
to the registration and billing activities of any practitioner.

Q. Who is using MediFlex in my region?

A. We currently support sites in five states of Australia. We are happy to
make available our complete list of clients and contact phone numbers upon
request. Unlike most of our competitors, this list is not filtered to provide
selective and glowing reports from a special group of favoured sites. Given
that we do not have any unhappy clients, our complete client list can also be
considered our list of reference sites, and our best marketing tool.

Q. What type of equipment is required to run MediFlex?

A. MediFlex should be run on a personal computer utilising an Intel
chipset. These days, the standard, entry level business machines offered over
the counter are more than adequate. Remember that you will most likely be
running other applications as well, such as word-processing, Internet, email,
cashbook, etc. The performance of a computer running Microsoft Windows, and
a host of Windows-based products can be improved greatly by adding more memory
– the more the better. Note that WindowsXP is no longer supported.

Factors governing final choice of equipment should include the service
offerings of the potential supplier. Do not purchase your equipment on price
alone. This will almost certainly prove to be false economy.

Q. Why don’t you supply hardware?

A. Years ago we did, but the market has changed significantly. More
business are now geared up to supply and service equipment, and the PC has now
reached the “commodity” level. MediFlex does not require specialised hardware
to function, and therefore the supply and service of the equipment and any
required network configuration is best handled by local dealers.

Don’t be fooled by the “one stop shop” concept. These offerings usually
result in one organisation initially co-ordinating the deal, but then
sub-contracting out the service tasks to local hardware dealers anyway, and
at inflated prices. This approach almost always results in a more expensive
purchase for no on-going benefit. “Bigger” is very rarely “better”.

Q. What guarantees do you offer?

A. If you are not satisfied with our product or our service within three
months of the date of installation, for any reason whatsoever, we will refund
your money in full, less installation and training fees. We are not in
business to generate revenue without feeling satisfied that the client is
happy and comfortable with their investment in our products and services.